Animation Team

This information leaflet will let you know everything that there is to know about working as an animator.


Animation is about entertainment. Entertaining the guest and ensuring that they enjoy their holiday as much as possible. You will have a few days training with the animation team that will show you what and how we work. Take this opportunity to take from each animator different ways of working and adapt this to your personality.


First of all, as an animator you are the first face that the guests are going to see whether they have a problem or just want to talk to someone about something. Just remember that it is not your job to sort out the problems of the guests, and you can point them in the right direction, such as to the chief animator, guest relations or the Thomson holiday advisor.

The guest relation can be found in the reception.




THE JOB ( This is not a fixed program)


Your job is animation, this means entertainment. As an entertainer, you are the one responsible in keeping the guests joining you for activity and in contact. Ensuring that everyone is happy and having the best holiday that they possibly can.

As animation you have different shifts to put in throughout the day in the morning and the night time.


Daytime programme


Time Event Location

9:30 Morning meeting  Restaurant The morning meeting is where all of the team sit together and the chief animator gives full information on the plan for the day. They will give each animator the instruction for activity and inform them about the show in the night time and the disco that we sell. The animator will also be told about any other events during the day such as check outs, and practice.

10:00 Start the operation DJ BOX at the main pool The morning operation starts with a club dance. All the animators will go to the bridge and perform the dance with full power, and enthusiasm.

12:00 Club Dance Main swimming pool All of the animators will meet by the water aerobics, and perform 3 club dances whilst the guests are in the pool. Guests should remain in the pool during this time. Make sure uniform is on when performing the club dance.

12:15 Meeting DJ Box At this time all animators have a meeting at the DJ Box with the chief animator, any instruction will be given about the extra activity, and also where you should start for contact.

12:50 Operation finishes  This is the time for lunch and we eat all together in the main restaurant. Do not wear Flip Flops in the restaurant.

13:30 Practice for dance show/ Contact/ Break time

 Finleys bar/main pool. From day to day it changes at this time. Sometimes we will have dance practice and other times we will go back to the swimming pool to improve contact. Otherwise it is time for a break.


Just to remember a few things:

 Always wear uniform when performing the club dance, the only one that shouldn't is the water aerobics instructor.

 Do not wear flip flops in the restaurant.

 Club dance should be vocal with full power. The guests should be watching.

 Dont wear wet uniform into the restaurant, because it doesn't look professional

 We don't accept having two animators at the bar at one time, or making contact at the bar.

 We think that only one animator should be with one family at one time, it is not acceptable to waste time with more than one with the same people


Afternoon programme


Time Event Location

14:20 Back to the pool Main pool This is when we have a meeting for the afternoon activity. The chief animator will inform all of the animators about what will happen in the afternoon. What activities will take place, and where each person will start their contact. Questions will also be asked about the amount of guests that each animator has for the night club.

14:30 Afternoon operation starts DJ Box All animators will go to the bridge to perform the club dance with full power and enthusiasm. Then the afternoon will start.

17:30 Afternoon operation finishes DJ Box Finish the day with a final club dance - full power and enthusiasm.


This is the programme for coral sea water world, other hotels may be different.





Disco is a really important factor of being an animator. You are expected to sell tickets for the disco every night of the week. You are also required to be responsible for the guests going to the disco, to look after them and ensure they have a great time. As well as make sure that they are brought back to the hotel with the transport that we provide for them.


Included in the ticket price are several things. First of all the entrance fee for the club, transport to the club and back again, and sometimes drinks are included. This varies for each option that the guests select, and the night club.


Generally ( not always ) the guest has an option of what type of ticket they would like to buy.

1. All inclusive

2. Entrance

3. Entrance with one free drink


All inclusive is basically just as it says, all of your drinks are included in the price that you pay. This is normally on beer, spirits and wine. The animator should specify what is included in the all inclusive package, and normally they are between certain hours, such as 12-3 ( for each club this is different). Generally, the all inclusive bar is not the normal bar that is used, there is an all inclusive bar, and the animator will show the guest where this is when they enter the night club.


Entrance tickets are simply just for the entrance to the club. The guest will then be expected to pay for any drinks that they would like to purchase once inside. The animator responsible will show the guest where the best bar to use is.


Entrance tickets with one free drink, is just as it says. This is the entrance to the night club and one free drink - this is normally a beer or spirit and mixer. The guest will be shown where they can use this token, as it never is the usual bar where they will afterwards buy their drinks.


Being responsible


The aspect of being responsible is very important and needs to be understood properly. So read carefully!


When being responsible, the guests are your full responsibility, not only to make sure that they enjoy their time, but to make sure that they are safe, and aware of where you are, incase they have any problem.


The night will start with you making sure everyone has gathered in reception at 11:30, and that those wishing to come have paid and received their ticket. It is best to check the tickets of all the guests ( so save any problems happening later in the night ).


Then we count the number of the guests that we expect to be going.

We get all of the guests onto the mini bus, once again making sure the numbers add up to the payments that we have received.


Once inside the bus, the guests may choose that they would like to stop off on the way, to get a drink for the journey (some trips take 20-40 minutes to get to), so it is a nice gesture if you give them the option.


Once we have arrived, we go to enter the night club, make sure all of the guests are together, and sometimes it is best if you have ticket types together, so all inclusive guests together and entrance together, just to speed up the entry process.


 When we have entered, you will show the guests the meeting place, where at the end of the night they will find you. It is really important to state the time of meeting and show them the location. Just so people who want to go off and enjoy their night alone are aware of where to meet.


Afterwards, you need to show the guests the bar that they will be using, especially if they are all inclusive, or have one drink free. Otherwise, show them the normal bar from which they can buy them.


It is important to have an area for the guests, because not every guest would like to spend the night at the bar or on the dance floor, so it is good to have a seating area especially for them. Not only for this reason, but also so they know where you can be found if you are not on the dance floor.


Once the area and the bar have been shown to them, you are able to let them enjoy their night, let the guests know where you will be based, so they can always find you, or another animator if they are responsible with you.  During the night you should always make effort to spend time with the guests, dancing and enjoying with them. It is really important that if not all the guests are in the same place, that you take a round around the night club to find any other guests, to make sure that they are okay and have no problems. It also makes them feel more comfortable.


When the night is finished and you all meet up at the meeting point, it is time to leave. If some guests are not showing at the meeting point that you have arranged, without a reason, you need to go back inside the club and keep looking to find them. Once it is certain that they are not there, it is only then when you should leave. But first you should make contact with the hotel to check whether they have returned. The hotel are able to check with security and confirm whether they have re-entered the hotel or not.


Other circumstances may have occurred, like the guest may have organised with you beforehand that they would like to leave early or that they would like to stay. If any action like this does happen, both the animator and the guest must write out the action on a piece of paper and sign for the action to take place, so that the animator is no longer responsible for the guest - if they would like to leave early or stay late. The note should describe what is going to happen, as well as the name of both the animator and the guest as well as their room number.




After this, the animator is responsible to get all of the guests back onto the bus, or to walk them home safely, depending on how they first got to the club. Once everyone is back to the bus, the heads are counted to make sure that everyone is back, the bus will then return to the hotel.


When the bus is back to the reception, the animator should be the one to check that all of the guests are back inside security, where it is no longer the responsibility of the animator. The only exception for this is that if someone has drank too much, the security must be informed and an escort to the room can be arranged. It is not allowed for the animator to go to the guest room unless they are both escorted by security for the safety of the guest.


No under-age guests are allowed to go out with the animation team under any circumstances.


Being responsible means:

If any problem happens, it is down to you to sort it

You should be aware of the location of all of your guests - if you are not you should look around for them to check that they are okay.

You have to organise with the bus driver the pick up time at the end of the night as well as the meeting point. You should swap contact numbers with him.

You can have a couple of drinks ( the guests may feel bored if you don’t enjoy with them ), but be in a responsible position so you can act fast when needed.





Trip advisor

Trip advisor is a website that we highly recommend the guests to use when they return home from their holiday. The idea of tripadvisor is worldwide and has taken over the internet.


The guests are able to make a review about any type of accommodation, restaurants, bars etc on this website, so we recommend everyone to use this for the hotel which you will be working in. All they have to do is simply type in or find it using a search engine such as google. Once on the website, searching for Hotel Name, and leaving a review there.


This is so important for us, as it is what the hotel owners and management look to, to see what results the hotel are getting, and what are the common complaints that guests experience, for example one week guests may all be complaining about the animation team evening entertainment. Then we can see where the problems are, and to address them. The management take these reviews really seriously, as well as the animation company.


We have a trip advisor target set, to publicise our amazing animation team. We thrive to exceed the targets so we can show off how well we are doing as a team. These are also taken very seriously, and a lot of praise is given for this.


Animators should thrive to get personal mentions on trip advisor, to prove how well they are liked and how they are doing a really good job. Anything written on trip advisor is considered.


When do we talk about trip advisor?


The animation team talk about the trip advisor, just like the score, many times to the guest before they go home, especially on the last day of their holiday. The first time should be around the swimming pool, when the animator is making contact in the daytime.


The animators spend time in the reception before and when the guests go home, to have one final conversation with the guests and again to talk with them about completing a trip advisor review for them. When the buses come to pick the guests up, all of the animation team go outside and say a final goodbye as they get onto the bus, and for the last time reminding them of the trip advisor. Each guest should be aware of this at least 3 times, to keep it in their minds for when they fly home.

It is a really good idea to write your name, and the team names down, so the guests are more likely to name the trip advisor reviews, this gains more results for the team.






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