Katyushka Kurlovich
Sport Animator

" Hi I have been working in Five Stars Animation for 10 months.I decided to work as an animator to change the situation and rest pyschologically. I decided to come for 3 months, but for three months I was alreadty delayed for all 10 I am satisfied with my work, everyday new aquaintances, every day a holiday. For myself, I see only advantages- you can pull up or even learn english to become a real trainer as aqua aerobics, yoga, stretching-evertthing is for you shows, parties the biggest plus is you are at sea, sun, beauty no one offends, does not cheat, everthing is tested on their own experience Come to us, we need active guys.PS if you have questions, write do not hesitate "

Natalia Andreevna
Sport Animator

" Here You can see testimonials about our company from the guys that worked or at the moment works with us! "

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