Start Up 2001

THE OPENING OF Five Stars Animayion Company

Mr. Ali Fathy Start Up Five Stars Animation Company with the first hotel in the journey, it was called at this time by Conarad Sharm El Shiekh and now on it's Coral Sea Sensatori, That's not all also the comapny was called by 2 Hot Animation Team & 1 Love Animation team and by the time it was rebranded to be FIVE STARS ANIMATION COMPANY

2001 - 2010

Entertainment is our goal

We believe that any sucessful busnies go through ups and down, through those 10 years alot of changes happened to the market in Egypt, starting from the italian, Tunisian, Turkish animation teams and ends with what they called by International Animation Team

2010 - 2014

No. 1 Animation & Entertainamnet Company In Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

Those 4 years wasn't easy enough, we have reached No.1 in the market by creating a new concept of the entertainment and animation , by our creativity to our shows and also we have created the first administration  system in our filed , we reached to have more than 23 hotel working with the company in a time which was the most sucessful company working with 8 hotels

2014 - 2015

Growing up & Rebranding

After reaching the top of the mountain, we started to think by more obvious way, we put our terms and regulation in the market and started to work only with a certain hotels which will fit to our standards as the market have been changed a lot with the local/start up companies and in this time we should put a red line, also we rebranded our logo

2016 till Present Time

Russian Plan & Tourism Effect

Everyone how is the Russian plan effected tourism in Egypt Specially in Sharm El Sheikh, we still trying to keep our company stable and available to everyone



Available 24/7

Coral Sea Water World Resort - Nabq Bay - Sharm El Sheikh - South SInai - EGYPT